It was a wet morning of Saturday, 19th October, 2019, when all roads for Catholic Men in the Diocese led to Ngong Cathedral, the venue for the Climax event in the Diocese, organised by Catholic Men Association of Kenya – Ngong Diocese, the Diocesan Men Mass.

The occasion was graced by His Lordship, John Oballa Owaa, the Bishop of Ngong Diocese as the main celebrant. Other Clergy included Fr Mukwe, CMA Ngong Diocese Chaplain, Fr Thomas Okello Parish Priest  Kibiko, Fr Francesco from Mashuuru, Fr Paul Sane-Kibiko, Fr Antepas Hamisi – St Mary’s Ongata Rongai, Fr Domingos From Namanga, Fr Sankale, Fr Moses from Kiserian Seminary, Fr John Kariuki – Dean, Ngong Deanery.

The Master of Ceremony, Julius Nyabuto Invited the  speakers for the day,starting with Chairman of Ngong Parish, after informing the congregation that the Ngong Deanery Chairman, Hillary Kosgei, had given his apologies as he was out of the country.

Ngong Parish Chairman

In his brief speech the Ngong Chairman welcomed all to Ngong as the host.

He requested that all CMA  at the local churches to embrace income generating activities(IGAs) with a view to improving the welfare of men. He also requested the Bishop to consider giving the plot next to the Cathedral to CMA to enable them to carry out their IGAs.

He also suggested that CMA set up emotional and psychological services for men because they do not vent their problem leading to a bad way of life and even death. This was with a view to ensuring  avenues to vent.

The chairman also urged men to speak out against corruption without eating.

Also He implored men to take part in small Christian community activities as well as other church activities as the activities were mostly dominated by women and children.

With the theme Baptized and sent we must have faith.

Ngong Deanery Chairman
On behalf of the Ngong Deaney Chairman, Dennis Oyula, First vice Chair Ngong Deanery, said that Ngong Deaney was composed of thirteen  Parishes . He invited other Deanery Chairmen to greet the congregation.

The Kilgoris Deanery chairman, Nicholas Boni, reminded men that no one can help men but men themselves.

Also in attendance was Chairman of Loitokitok Deanery, John Wambua.

Diocesan Chairman

The chairman, Patrick Gacharah thanked all men for attending this occasion.

He also thanked all those who attended Men National Prayer day in Mombasa on 31st August, 2019, and informed the congregants that 288 participants had attended from Ngong Diocese.

The chairman also introduced the newly elected Diocesan team for the next three years, and urged the outgoing officials to ensure that the association activities continue even when they go by supporting the current leaders. He quipped, ‘A new broom sweeps better but the old one knows all the corners’

He emphasized that those leaders who had entered at the Parish and Deanery level ensure that men become self sustaining up to the Local Church Level; ‘The first thing is to improve the financial well being of the catholic man’.

He also urged men to use the website where they can put adverts at a fee for their own businesses.

Diocesan Coordinator

The Coordinator, John Sonkori thanked the all men choir from Ngong that had animated this mass and had done it well.

He noted that there was interest in men being commissioned but urged those commissioned to invite others who have still not joined.

He also urged catechists to elp men i their catechism

The coordinator also thanked Ngong and Narok Deaneries for opening Bank accounts and asked others to do the same.

He also thanked those who had left office for their service.

Diocesan chaplain

Fr Mukwe, the Diocesan Chaplain introduced all the clergy and said that we have done much i attendance but still had a shortfall

He urged all to pray for men as they were always busy. He reminded men that the most important thing is our souls and that we need to nourish them. He also reiterated that we must also look at our physical well being and we should be first in these two things.

At Subukia during the KCCB National Prayer day, most of the congregants were women. This was the same during Sunday prayer service. He beseeched men to take spiritual matters more seriously. He said ‘’Let us have a budget for spiritual matters and set aside time for CMA events. Let us not go back as we have come so far. When there is an ordination or Daraja most celebrants  are women. Where are we? Let us be seen in all events in large numbers”.

On a visit to Kitui during their Family Day where he represented the Bishop he saw and learnt about their love for the church. He urged men to have love for the church by supporting willingly and wholly.

As leaders, he said, we are not competing but they are expected to do their jobs to the best of their ability and without much ado. He reminded us “Jesus supports those who have faith”

He also urged us to pray for Bishops, Priests, and Sisters and visit their parents.

Bishops Address

The Bishop thanked all most sincerely for visiting his mother in his rural home.

He also thanked the Chaplain for his council to men.

He further thanked the CMA Coordinator for his commitment ad council to Catechists.

As for the request from the Ngong Parish chairman on use of the shamba next to the Cathedral for IGAs, he said he shall consult and get back to him in six weeks.

The Bishop invited all to the Family day on 7/12/2019 at Ngong Cathedral and reiterated that the day was not just about collection, but a day to pray together, commune together and contribute towards development of the Diocese.

It would also be a day for closing the Year of Missions and launching the Anti-Corruption Campaign.

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