Peace be with you!

Welcome and thank you for joining us for the Pray More Lenten Retreat!  

NOTE: Please save this e-mail so you can access all of the retreat materials whenever you want to. :) 

Here are all of the retreat presentations!

Each link will take you to a page that has that presentation's video & audio recording, transcript (and closed captions), and study guide.

You can watch these at your own pace, in whatever order you would like, and whenever you have the time. :) 

We will check in once a week throughout Lent with a reminder of where you can find all the videos, and with a reminder of our suggested videos to watch that week. 

Here are our suggestions for which videos to listen to or watch throughout the retreat:

The First Week of Lent:

Humility: The Foundation of Prayer
with Pete Burak

Getting to Know Jesus Better this Lent
with Emily Stimpson Chapman

Bringing our Wounds to Christ
with Ashley Stevens

Overcoming Our Temptations 
with Fr. Patrick Gonyeau

The Second Week of Lent: 

Jesus Wants Our Conversion, Not Our Death
with Pete Burak

Mary's Role in Our Redemption
with Scott Powell

Denying Ourselves, Taking Up Our Cross and Following Him
with Emily Stimpson Chapman

Having Hope in a Faithful God
with Ashley Stevens

The Third Week of Lent:

St. Joseph: Protector and Father
with Scott Powell

How to be Led by the Holy Spirit
with Pete Burak

Overcoming Lies of the devil
with Fr. Patrick Gonyeau

"God, show me a sign"
with Ashley Stevens

The Fourth Week of Lent:

Coping with God's (Seeming) Silence
with Emily Stimpson Chapman

Redemptive Suffering
with Pete Burak

BONUS TALK: The Faith & Doubt of St. Thomas, Part 1
with Kevin Heider

The Fifth Week of Lent:

Believing Our Identity as "Beloved"
with Fr. Patrick Gonyeau

The Prodigal Son and The Merciful Father
with Scott Powell

Dealing with Unanswered Prayers
with Emily Stimpson Chapman

The Sixth Week of Lent: 

"Can You Drink the Chalice I'm Going to Drink?"
with Scott Powell

Trusting in God's Will
with Ashley Stevens

BONUS TALKThe Faith and Doubt of St. Thomas, Part II
with Kevin Heider
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Thank you once again for joining us for this Lenten Retreat!

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